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Debt Settlement
For many families, individuals, and businesses with serious debt problems, the situation can feel overwhelming. Depending on the types of debts owed and the hardship situation, a debt reduction plan might be the only solution since the options are limited. We are confident that we offer the best debt reduction program available. Our debt settlement program can reduce your unsecured debts by 40-60%.

      Unsecured debt includes:                                   The following are NOT eligible:
      * Credit Card Debt                                                 * Student Loans
      * Medical/Hospital Bills                                          * Mortgage Payments
      * Department Store Credit Cards                             * Car Payments
      * Oil/Gas Credit Cards                                           * Secured Loans
      * Personal Loans (unsecured)                                * Income Tax Payments 
      * Autos (Repos)
      * Past Due Utility Bills

Debt settlement (also known as debt arbitration) is simply the process of negotiating lump settlements on your unsecured debt. Debt settlement firms negotiate your entire principle balance down, regardless of the interest and finance charges that creditors try to add on your account. Your debt can be paid off anywhere between three months and three years depending on the availability of your cash. There are fees for hiring a Debt Settlement Company to set up your debt reduction plan and negotiate settlements with your creditors for you, but you may finance the fees over time. Debt settlement is not a positive on your credit and may hurt your FICO score.
However, Debt Settlement lowers your debt to income ratio faster than any other debt reduction option aside from bankruptcy. Your debt to income ratio is a significant factor used by lenders to qualify you for a loan.

If you think Debt Settlement might be the answer to your serious debt problems, then just follow these easy steps to get started:

1. Get Your Free Debt Settlement Consultation
First, call to request a free consultation with one of our Senior Debt Consultants. Call us Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. PST at 310-909-8811 or Click Here and fill out the simple, secure form. A debt consultant will contact you within one business day to review our debt settlement, debt reduction programs and to explain how debt negotiation can work for you.

2. Debt Reduction Program Qualification
The next step is qualification. A Senior Debt Consultant will review your information to determine if you qualify for our debt reduction program. In order to design the best possible plan for your situation, we want to ensure that we can work with your creditors. Your consultant will tailor the debt reduction program to meet your needs.

3. Calculate Monthly Budget for Debt Settlement
Next, our debt negotiation experts will estimate the projected settlement amounts for each of your debts. We then work within your budget to calculate a monthly amount that you need to set aside for debt settlement purposes. It is your responsibility to deposit this into your debt settlement bank account every month. You will not pay this money to us; you will deposit it into an account that you control at the bank of your choice.

4. We Notify Creditors Once You Have Joined our Debt Reduction Program
The next major step is notification of the creditors. After you have enrolled in our program, our debt negotiation team will contact all applicable creditors and inform them that we represent you. This will minimize or eliminate creditor calls and communication will be directed to our debt settlement office. Legally, they may still send you correspondence in the mail. If however, calls continue, you will inform them of our debt reduction program and direct them to our debt settlement team. Our goal is to eliminate annoying creditor calls throughout the debt negotiation process.

5. Approval and Payment of Each Debt Settlement
Our debt negotiation team will negotiate with each creditor while you are in the debt reduction program. Each debt settlement offer will be sent to you for your approval. Once approved, you will send the agreed upon funds directly from your debt settlement account to the creditor. Your debt will be considered Settled in Full, Settled, or Paid as Agreed. The process will repeat with each creditor until you have completed our debt reduction program and are debt free. The debt reduction program typically takes 12-36 months to complete.

To find out what we can do for you, CLICK HERE for your free debt consultation. Or, to speak with a Senior Debt Consultant immediately, call now, 310-909-8811
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Are your unsecured debts a problem? These are your 5 Debt Reduction options:

1.   Pay ABOVE the minimum payments due each month to each creditor (expensive,many years to debt free, credit score stays mediocre to low).

2.   Consolidation Loan
(It is difficult to get a loan unless you have collateral to put up, and you don't want to do that)

3.   Credit Counseling
(monthly payments are still high, negative credit impact)

4. Debt Settlement!
*preferred option!   *One low monthly payment   *Debt free in 2-3 years or less   *First step towards eventual credit recovery

5.   Bankruptcy    (last resort, if options 1-4 are impossible for you)
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