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Our Debt Reduction Program
We are confident that we offer the best debt reduction program available. Our debt reduction program can reduce your debts by 40-60%. Just follow these easy steps:

1. Get Your Free Debt Settlement Consultation
First, call to request a free consultation with one of our Senior Debt Consultants. Call us Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. PST at 310-909-8811 or Click Here and fill out the simple, secure form. A debt consultant will contact you within one business day to review our debt settlement, debt reduction programs and to explain how debt negotiation can work for you.

2. Debt Reduction Program Qualification
The next step is qualification. A Senior Debt Consultant will review your information to determine if you qualify for our debt reduction program. In order to design the best possible plan for your situation, we want to ensure that we can work with your creditors. Your consultant will tailor the debt reduction program to meet your needs.

3. Calculate Monthly Budget for Debt Settlement
Next, our debt negotiation experts will estimate the projected settlement amounts for each of your debts. We then work within your budget to calculate a monthly amount that you need to set aside for debt settlement purposes. It is your responsibility to deposit this into your debt settlement bank account every month. You will not pay this money to us; you will deposit it into an account that you control at the bank of your choice.

4. We Notify Creditors Once You Have Joined our Debt Reduction Program
The next major step is notification of the creditors. After you have enrolled in our program, our debt negotiation team will contact all applicable creditors and inform them that we represent you. This will minimize or eliminate creditor calls and communication will be directed to our debt settlement office. Legally, they may still send you correspondence in the mail. If however, calls continue, you will inform them of our debt reduction program and direct them to our debt settlement team. Our goal is to eliminate annoying creditor calls throughout the debt negotiation process.

5. Approval and Payment of Each Debt Settlement
Our debt negotiation team will negotiate with each creditor while you are in the debt reduction program. Each debt settlement offer will be sent to you for your approval. Once approved, you will send the agreed upon funds directly from your debt settlement account to the creditor. Your debt will be considered Settled in Full, Settled, or Paid as Agreed. The process will repeat with each creditor until you have completed our debt reduction program and are debt free. The debt reduction program typically takes 12-36 months to complete.


Our Debt Settlement Results

Debt Center USA
has helped thousands of people get rid of unwanted debt and has saved its customers literally millions of dollars. Every week, we eliminate thousands of dollars of debt. Here are real-life samples of what we have saved our clients.

Settlement examples from '08 - '11:
The settlement examples presented are past settlements and are not a guarantee of future performance. Results may vary based on your individual circumstances, hardship, or creditors. Case results depicted are actual results from customers enrolled in our debt settlement program. The results shown range from 29% to 55%, which represent the range of one standard deviation from the average results achieved.

To find out what we can do for you, CLICK HERE for your free debt consultation.
Or, to speak with a Senior Debt Consultant immediately, call call now: 310-909-8811

Upon submission, a Debt Center USA consultant will contact you within one business day to review your debt situation with you and provide possible solutions to your debt problems.
Debt Center USA, LLC
Debt Center USA
"Save money now and build for the future."
Residence of Client Creditor Original Balance Settled For Settlement Percentage Amount Saved Time to Settlement
Daytona Beach, FL Chase $2,471 $1,235 50% $1,236 21 Months
Golden, CO MBNA $24,236 $12,000 50% $12,236 12 Months
Memphis, TN Capital One $4,463 $2,235 50% $2,228 15 Months
Redwood City, CA Bank of America visa $6,313 $2,840 45% $3,473 7 Months
Floresville,TX American Express $22,445 $10,100 45% $12,345 19 Months
Dayton, OH Kohl's $5,460 $2,457 45% $3,003 8 Months
Bellwood, IL Sears $1,933 $870 45% $1,063 14 Months
Henderson, NV Citibank mastercard $17,359 $7,812 45% $9,547 11 Months
Waterfront, NJ Washington Mutual $11,835 $5,326 43% $6,509 22 Months
Richland, WA Wells Fargo visa $9,744 $4,190 43% $5,554 17 Months
Fort Myers, FL Discover $9,237 $3,972 43% $5,265 9 Months
El Cajon, CA AT&T Universal $2,984 $1,283 40% $1,701 12 Months
Taunton, MA First Premier Bank $5,490 $2,196 40% $3,294 25 Months
New York City, NY Citi mastercard $20,944 $8,378 40% $12,566 6 Months
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*   Unsecured debts
*   Credit cards
*   Personal loans
*   Medical bills
*   Store cards
*   Repossessions
*   Collections debts
We do not work with:
*   secured debt problems
*   car loans
*   student loans
*   mortgages
*   IRS and tax debt
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